Palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from the Elaeis guineensis tree that grows in tropical regions of the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Africa. Palm oil is the second most traded oil and accounts for a quarter of the world’s oil supply. Its usefulness in both personal and commercial applications as a cooking oil and ingredient in both food and non-food products has led to palm oil becoming one of the world’s leading agricultural commodities. They can be used for frying media and for making margarines, shortenings, soap, oleo chemicals and other products.

Quality Assurance

As we have an integrated raw material source, our products start from high quality raw materials and we maintain a tight quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

To ensure the highest standards of our products we are certified to the following protocols :

1) GMP + B2 (2010) – Production of Feed Ingredients : Certified by SGS System and Services Certification

2) Halal : Certified by the Malaysia Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM)

3) Kosher : Certified by the Orthodox Jewish Community of Singapore (Circle SK)

4) Non-dioxin certification : Verified by the Scientific Analysis Laboratories Ltd, Manchester

5) Non-GMO : Palm oil is certified as non-GMO by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board

6) U.S. FDA Registration : Registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Association, having being verified by Registrar Corp (U.S. Registration Agent)