Ecolex Animal Nutrition provides agricultural solutions , services and manufactures animal nutrition that aids the digestibility of food for animals and reduces waste output that ultimately benefits the environment and our future generations.

Using science , we create solutions for

  • Metabolic disorders
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Insufficient milk yield
  • Low energy efficiency
  • Low nutrient conversion rate

Ecolex is dedicated in ensuring the safety of the food supply chain from the very beginning by Feed safety systems which implements controls for undesirable substances .

We aim to enrich the worlds food ecosystem through continuous cutting edge knowledge and discovery through our innovations and collaborations with industry experts all around the world.

We conduct all aspects of our business through ethical corporate social responsibility. We aim for preservation of all global natural resources and the environment to ensure sustainability through our operations and community engagement for future generations, all living species and a balanced food supply ecosystem.

Established In 2005, Ecolex animal nutrition is a dedicated nutritional solutions providers RSPO grade products and certified GMO free. Our manufacturing capabilities use automated and innovative designs to consume less energy during production to ensure high manufacturing efficiency in our factory and to preserve the environment for us and our future generations.

Established in 2005,

Ecolex Animal Nutrition is a dedicated producer that offers organic-based products, that is RSPO certified and GMO free.

Our manufacturing site is strategically located at West Port, Klang, Malaysia; one of the region’s busiest ports and well placed to service export markets globally.

To meet the stringent requirements of the market place, our products are free of trans fatty acids and nickel residues making it a high quality, edible grade product. Our emphasis is on quality and safety of our products to ensure the brand assurance of our customers and consumers. As a reflection of our commitment on product quality, we strive to continuously improve and innovate with new technologies and processes.