Technical Manager

Josh Chiu



Josh Chiu is our resident technologist with a PhD in Animal Science. With more then 10 years in the animal nutrition business, Josh creates is the main idea generator for our mad molecular science.
Senior Market Manager

Vera Teo

China, Middle East, Sub Indian Continent , North America , Africa

20 years in sales & marketing within the edible oils & fats and animal nutritional lipids industry, Vera’s experience and high flexibility to remain highly focused in a fast-paced environment is unparalleled. Vera is an expert in providing customers solutions to suit their agricultural needs in the current landscape that is highly competitive
Market Manager

Melissa Loh

SEA, Japan, S. Korea, Europe, Latin America

Melissa the communicator in the team with unrivalled negotiation skills . She brings with her customer and supplier relationship management skills that are backed with excellent product knowledge, processes and production methods. Melissa is always dubbed as brains in the team with her Masters Degree in Chemical (Bioprocess) Engineering.
Customer Service Lead

Stephanie Looi


Stephanie is the glue in the team that binds the needs of the customer, the sales and the production teams. Stephanie’s ability to understand the needs of our customers and ability to respond quickly with a solution is one of the keys factors of our success. She is an excellent solutions provider and her acumen for time management , clear communication are some of the many amazing qualities Stephanie brings with her. If you are dealing with Stephanie, you are assured of the best customer service experience!